The Life of Delly – Note from the author

A note from the author:

This tale will eventually be novelized but I felt at first it should be put out as a serial with pieces appearing as they came. A story like this can never be heavily plotted. I will always ensure the pieces are edited as they come, as much as the story permits. Though a few rules may be broken from time to time.

This is the story of a girl who is like you, but who has grown up under very different circumstances. Or maybe not so different, as fortune dictates. But, nevertheless, she could be the girl at school when you were younger, the one who never seemed to have the latest clothes, or even a seven day wardrobe. She could be the young woman taking a temp job at a firm you work at, the one who can’t quite give enough history to be taken on as a full time employee but works hard for the wages she can get.

She could be the teenage drifter you see on the street, once, huddled against the side of a building, hugging herself, never to see her again as you stride past on your way to the continuation of your life, trying not to see the look of hunger in her eyes, of desperation, of the final end of will-to-go-on that should, justly, be seen only in the elderly whose time has finally come.

She could be all of these things. But remember: in a different setting, a different time or a different set of circumstances… She could be you… She is you.

But try not to think about that too much. Without further ado, I present The Life of Delly.

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