Somewhere in America – The Love Zombie – micro fiction

Somewhere in America
The Love Zombie – Micro-fiction

It was a beautiful Fall evening when first I laid eyes upon her. Her dark hair glistened in the soft morning sunlight, weaving slightly in the wind. Her lips were the deepest red, like rubies floating in a sea of milk, such was her skin.

She had that beautiful “just woke up” look upon her face few can manage but which seemed to come so naturally to her. Truly, It took my breath away.

It was just one of those chance meetings, really. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was sitting on a park bench reading my newspaper. She was across the street gnawing on a young man’s thigh.

They said they were zombies, migrating to our fair city. But I was not then, and never will be, a bigot. She was what she was, just as I was what I was. And I wouldn’t want her any other way. Zombie. Such a prejudicial name. But I didn’t care. Call her a zombie if you like. To me she was my flower.

So there I was, reading along, when something tugged at me. It was a man, ugly beyond belief, odorous and badly in need of medical attention by the looks of it. Drool cascaded to the ground about his feet and I had to side step quickly not to have my new shoes tarnished. I brushed him aside with a wave of my hand. Riffraff.

And then it happened. I saw her. And as fate would have it she saw me. The paper in my hands, suddenly forgotten, dropped to the grass. I stood up. She lifted her face from the young man.

I could see the hunger in her eyes. The same one that now burned in my chest. I could see it in her gaze, in the way her jaw worked as she stared back at me, the sensuality in her hips as she limped toward me. It called to me, pulled me on.

We met beneath the shadow of an elm tree, our arms instinctively rising to embrace one another. And I was to quickly find that she was was no beginner, no prude. Her lips moved to my skin as flowers arch for the sun. I moaned in a mixture of ecstasy and agony as they freely roamed my body.

It was all so sudden, so fast. I was becoming lightheaded. I wanted to tell her to slow down, to enjoy the moment. But my heart urged me on, dared me to immerse myself in love’s true embrace. And I did.

My heart was pounding. My knees were weak. We both knew where this was going. There were people around, but we didn’t care. We had that connection that few in history ever truly have.

And so, throwing caution to the wind, I allowed her to pull me down onto the soft grass, her need insatiable as was my own. I continued to moan as she tasted my flesh with her tongue, her lips urgent now. It was the Original Sin in full play.

As the world dimmed I thought of the future years we would spend together, the children we would have. I thought of our love and how it would grow. Just me and my love zombie. My Lombie.

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